Friday, September 10, 2004

Booga J Bag

A while back, I got my hands on some Kureyon and started working on my version of a booga j bag. I wanted it bigger and with a longer strap than the original pattern. After much consultation with many people at the Knitting Livejournal, I settled on a size.
I worked i-cord for 87 inches (7' 3"). I'm not exactly sure how long it ended up being once felted, because I attached it to the bag before measuring, but I stretched it frequently during the felting process to insure it would remain long enough .. it's now about 96" (8'). Not quite sure how that worked, but hey, it works. This used about 1/2 skein, and I used bits of yarn I pulled out to make the color sequence on the bag work nicely.
The bag itself: I cast on 45 stitches and worked it for about 34 rows. Then I picked up stitches and worked the bag until I had just enough yarn to cast off with. This resulted in pre-felted dimensions of 5.5" deep, 13" wide and 12.5" high.
After a fair bit of felting (little to no stitch definition remaining), the bag is now: 5" deep, 11.25" wide and 7.75" high. I stretched it height-wise pretty aggressively as it felted to keep more height, and also the width of the bag. I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's wider than taller, which I decided to do instead of using another skein of kureyon to make it taller.
In the future, I would do a different strap type - I prefer a bag of the sling-over-the-shoulder type, and this 3-stitch i-cord strap just looks thin compared to the size of the bag. I can always tie a knot in the straps midway up and wear it just over one shoulder.

That is an 18" ruler for a sense of scale.

The bag laid out on my bed; the reddish and darker purple stripes are on the bottom of the bag.

The bag both hanging from the shower door and slung over my shoulder.


At Saturday, September 11, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great! I think yours looks sturdier than mine. I think mine could use more felting, but I am afraid of it getting any smaller. I wish I had made mine bigger as well.

Well done. :)



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