Friday, March 10, 2006

Scarf for Isabel

A friend of mine is having twins, and in addition to make twin gifts I am making a few things for the big sister (7 year old girl who loves pink and purple).

First up is a scarf based on Knitpick's Stockpot Scarves pattern. I used a skein and a half of Crayon in Pink and one skein of Butterfly Kisses in Lilac. I cast on 175 sts and knit until I ran out of the Butterfly Kisses. I'm debating putting tassels or fringe on the scarf; I think it might be too much, but I have no idea what else to do with the rest of the Butterfly Kisses. Perhaps some wee washcloths for the babies...

The scarf is longish, and certainly wide enough for use in London in just about any season. The Crayon is soft and nice to work with, not splitty which someone had warned me about. The Butterfly Kisses is nice for an eyelash yarn, with LONG eyelashes. Here's a close-up showing the yarns.


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