Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Twin A's Jumper: Nearly Finished

I just finished grafting the shoulder seams on Twin A's jumper. After scouring the net for tips on grafting in pattern (garter border, stockinette center), I finally realised that if I ended on the right rows, it was just a KNIT row missing in between the front and back halves, and I could just Kitchener the pieces together the normal way! Phew.

I still need to weave in ends, and then decide on embroidered details and buy some ribbon to tie it together but here is Twin A's jumper!

Laid out fully. There will be a ribbon on each side at the point where the decreases start.

The right(left?) side folded in.

Both sides folded over.

One-Eyed Raggedy Ann tries on the jumper. Not quite as cute as it would be on a baby, but not bad either! :)


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