Thursday, April 13, 2006


In my previous post, I showed off the cutest booties.

However even though I followed the pattern exactly, and the measurements match the pattern, they seem way too big for the twins - so I sent them off to my friend Linny, who just had a baby girl (Megan). I got this awesome multicolour pink/purple/pretty yarn that kind of shimmers to make a twisted tie for the booties and they are so cute. I hope Megan and her parents like them :) I had planned to make a cute little hat for Megan but these booties were too precious.

I'm currently working on some socks for the twins - much more to scale, I think. I'll use the same shimmery yarn to make ties for them so they will stay on more readily. I'm thinking I'll embroider the jumpers with the same yarn, too! ;)


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