Thursday, June 29, 2006

Almost There...

Long time no post! Sorry about that. And you don't even get pictures for your patience.

I have several exciting things to share but a few will wait until there are pictures.

The most exciting thing is that I've finished the back on my lux cotton tank. All that remains is four rows of the pattern repeat and the straps. I am going to need to double check the pattern to see how it calls for the straps to be finished - I'm suspecting a possible kitchener stitch, but I'm not sure.

Then comes blocking. This will be exciting. I bought blocking pins! For now, I'm just going to use the carpet, with a towel under the pieces. Bad me, but it will work.

Then comes seaming. I'm nervous about this part. Seaming and I don't like each other. I'd rather Kitchener stitch or do a sewn bind off than seam.

Projects in the wings, in no particular order:

-Devan in KnitPick's Simple Stripes in Autumn and Essential in Cocoa before the recipient outgrows it.

-Possibly some fruit/veg hats with leftovers in response to this request on Livejournal (which was in response to this post on a knitting blog).

-Finish the 2nd sock of a pair made from Knitpick's Sock Memories in some colour that no longer exists that is yellow, purple, blue.

-Finish a tank top I almost finished last year (it needs an edging of some sort along the bottom and possibly the neckline. I may bring this to my knitting group or LYS for advice). I should raid my book of knitting patterns for ideas.

-Knit some longies for a friend's baby, again while they still fit. This will take priority as it's being done as an exchange ;) We need to get together to discuss pattern and yarn.

Well, that sounds like enough for now, even though there are plenty of other things lingering in the background :)


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