Monday, August 28, 2006

Lux Tank

I finished this tank top awhile ago, but the weather has not been cooperating and so I have not had a chance to wear it. On our recent trip to Minnesota, the weather was perfect, we were going to be in and outside, and I decided it was time to break it in! It is so comfy to wear, but I think I will be making another one with some modifications. I have no idea how to make said modifications, but I imagine I can figure something out. Here is a front view - please note that in person, you cannot actually see my bra through the tank! These photos were taken after a 3.5 hour plane flight and a long day of travelling, so the tank had a good workout!

The back is fine; I am pleased with how it turned out. It could be higher, but it is fine at the height that it is now, and the length is perfect at the back. The straps have a tendency to curl inward, and I'm not quite sure how to fix that. I'll attempt a more vigorous blocking first and see if that solves the problem.

The front is where I would like to make a few changes. I feel like it could use a little short-row shaping in the bust. This would then mean I could have it a bit more tailored in the bottom portion, perhaps with some decreases just before the lace pattern starts or perhaps just a smaller circumference all around and then the short row shaping would add enough fabric in the bust. I'm toying with thinking it would be nice to shape it as more of a scoop neck rather than a straight edge but I'm not sure it's worth it.

Another addition that I may try with this one is to string a thin ribbon through the top row of eyelets and put a little bow at the front. This seems to be the "in" thing lately, if Ann Taylor Loft is any indication, and I think it may help give it a bit more shape.

Finally, I need to do the side seams differently. On this one, I slipped the first stitch of each row to create a nice edge to seam. Unfortunately when I tried to mattress stitch the edges together, that meant there were big holes. Whoops. I guess that wasn't the best thing to do after all. So, I found another way of sewing the seam together - basically just whip-stitching it - and it made this interesting pattern. Not what I was going for, but I think it's nice nonetheless.

All in all, I'm fairly pleased with this - it's comfy, it looks good, and it fits! Posted by Picasa

ETA Yarn Stats so I can throw the ballbands away:
Classic Yarns Luxury Cotton DK, 50% cotton, 45% viscose, 5% silk. 50g ball has 95m/104yds. Color 0234 Dk Pink Slipper, dyelot 5L5. Recommended gauge is 22 sts/30 rows to 10cm/4in with US 6. Hand wash only, dry flat out of direct heat/sunlight.


At Tuesday, August 29, 2006, Blogger Abigail said...

It's very pretty! It's about the same color as the Tee I'm working on.

At Wednesday, August 30, 2006, Blogger Abigail B. said...

Thanks! Tim thinks it's a "little kid" color but I think it is nice and bright for the summer. I'm not usually a pink person but this just called out to me!


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