Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Autumn Longies

I made these for my friend's baby. He's awfully cute and these pants are awfully cute on him! They look kind of funny in this photo but I promise they look awesome in person. The yarn is IrishBabyKnit's Elenya Alpaca in the Nolan colorway. I don't remember exactly what needles I used, but I know sz 1 for the waist/cuffs because those are Cascade 220 which is a little bit thicker than the Elenya Alpaca. I think I used sz 3's and then sz 6's for the rest of the body. I don't remember the exact stitch counts or anything at the moment - I worked a medium-ish size to get the striping to work out correctly. There's a mistake because I was a moron and didn't realise it until I was so far along I couldn't bear to rip and re-start, but hopefully nobody will notice :)

I am particularly fond of the crotch gusset. I'm not sure if it's supposed to look like this, but it does, and I like it! It's really neat to look at. I wonder if there's a different way to work the increases so it doesn't stick up as much, though. I'm not sure.
I worked the waist from the longies UP, after taking out the provisional cast on because I couldn't bear the thought of 106 or however many stitches worth of grafting. This meant there was a half-stitch jog where the color change occurred which led to this interesting texture. I kind of like it but I dislike how it's not consistent (due to the k3, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1 patterning).

I sent these off to Leif yesterday so he will be able to wear them now that the autumn weather is coming and the leaves are falling off the trees! Posted by Picasa


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