Sunday, September 10, 2006


I have re-named this the "sweater of doom". Seriously. Anything I could have done wrong, I did. I would have been better off knitting the Shine Sport singled and just working however-many-more-stitches to make it work with the pattern. This making-up-patterns business is hard!

What have you done this time, you ask?

Besides going ahead with 6 rows of variegated, 10 rows of red, 6 rows of variegated? (The red *really* stands out! I haven't decided if I like it. This would be a good time to make that decision but I just can't decide.)

Besides knitting a 29-stitch sleeve before realising it was entirely too large?

Besides being a little worried that the sleeves are too long? (The trend seems to be to have the arms be as long as the body or as long as the body minus a half inch or so - I went with as long as the body, and I'm thinking they're too long.)

Besides all that......I neglected to include my 3-stitch seed stitch buttonbands when splitting for front and back. I turned my 81-stitch body into a 41-stitch back and two 20-inch front panels. It wasn't until six rows later that I decided to write out the decrease pattern to make sure I'd be able to work enough decreases to end with the appropriate stitch counts. When I discovered I couldn't, I puzzled and wondered and thought about it for awhile. Then I realised my mistake.


This has *not* been my day. I do think it will be cute, though, and it's oh-so-soft. I think it would be nicer with thin-variegated, medium-red, thin-variegated, medium-red, thin-variegated striping but I can't decide how much I really care.
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