Friday, April 13, 2007

Mystery Project Update, Part 1

You may or may not remember the mystery project I was working on in July of last year. Well, the pieces have been finished since August, but with mistakes. First, the back was too short. So, I frogged and re-knit. Then, I had to pick up a bajillion stitches for the front band so it sat for awhile. I finally did that and then I had to figure out how to seam the edges. The ladies at my knitting group were very helpful and I seamed the edges. THEN I thought to check the sleeves against the sleeve-holes.
Whoops. The front and back may be the same size, but they aren't the RIGHT size - as you can tell in this picture. I am still not sure what I am going to do about this. It would be easy to rip a few rows out of the front & back pieces, but I really do not relish the thought of re-knitting the front band. I might try to ease the sleeves into the armholes but I don't think that will work, either. Someone at knitting suggested I just make it a vest - great idea, but I am completely out of the brown yarn and I really feel like it would need some sort of cuff at the armhole edges.
So, this really cute back patch is just sitting around, waiting for me to make a decision one way or another. In the end, I will probably rip out the front band, rip back part of the front and back, and re-do it so the arms fit... but not any time soon, that's for sure! Posted by Picasa


At Sunday, April 15, 2007, Blogger Kristen said...

Oh, man, my head would have exploded once I saw the sleeves not fitting.

Then again, my head explodes when people drive across empty parking spaces in parking lots. The lines are there for a reason, you know.

I digress. The sweater definitely would look good as a vest, but I agree that some edging would be needed around the armholes. :(


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