Sunday, January 14, 2007

iPod Mini "Sock"

For Christmas, my aunt asked for a cover for her iPod mini. Being the clueless person that I am, I decided to wait until close to the last minute to go get one for her - not realising that they don't really carry these in stores anymore (now that the mini is no longer sold). Whoops! Well, I gave her an iTunes gift card instead, but felt bad for not getting her a cover.. so I worked up this quick knitted "sock" instead. After doing some research I discovered that the iPod mini was about the same size as my new phone, so I used that for a measurement. I used leftover Rowan DK Cashsoft doubled (Seriously. This is one *soft* sock!) and it was luscious. It took a couple of hours - not bad. I cast on half the necessary stitches, then knit front and back (alternating stitches between two needles) before starting the k2, p2 pattern.

You can tell here that my cast on was not quite as clean as it might have been but it was good enough for me. I used the sewn bind off to make sure it was good and stretchy.
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