Friday, May 18, 2007

Wooly Wonder Forums Magic Yarn Ball swap!

I got my magic yarn ball swap package today! I forgot to take a picture before I started unwrapping the yarn. What can I say. It's been a long week!

Here's a photo when I was halfway through unwrapping.
All done! The haul included beaded stitch markers from Hide and Sheep on Etsy, Peppermint & Pumice scrub from Bella Bug Boutique, Knit.1 Summer 2007, DPN holders, a needle shaped pin, some hand lotion and some little cards to keep track of my knitting needles.

I'm not sure what the yarn is - waiting to hear back from my yarn buddy - but it's really pretty. A nice, deep, rich chocolately brown with a hint of pink. Yummy!
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At Friday, May 18, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Abigail!

I posted over at ww too.

Yarn is Blackberry Ridge and was Dyed by Hillary of Dashing Dachs. :)

Glad you liked everything and I'm still sending your yarn lengths you had asked for (cause I totally forgot) as I do have plenty to share!

Knit on! :D


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