Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Sweater Progresses

Here's the original MDK Baby Kimono. I was nearly finished with the first front when I realised 1) I was worried about running out of yarn and 2) the neckline was all wrong. I decided to rip all the way back to where I bound off for the neck. I knit one more stripe's worth on the back before binding off.
Then I re-worked the front, making it a cardigan rather than a kimono. I worked four button holes by binding off one stitch and casting it back on in the next row. If I could do it again I would bind off two stitches and cast two back on, I think, but I was worried that would make TOO big of a hole.
The sleeves are 5" wide at the armhole edge; I felt like the MDK pattern made sleeves that were just too skinny. I also made the sleeves a bit longer which required more increases/decreases so I spaced them out accordingly.

This is where I ended on Thursday when I just couldn't look at it anymore!
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