Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Twin A's Jumper: Nearly Finished

I just finished grafting the shoulder seams on Twin A's jumper. After scouring the net for tips on grafting in pattern (garter border, stockinette center), I finally realised that if I ended on the right rows, it was just a KNIT row missing in between the front and back halves, and I could just Kitchener the pieces together the normal way! Phew.

I still need to weave in ends, and then decide on embroidered details and buy some ribbon to tie it together but here is Twin A's jumper!

Laid out fully. There will be a ribbon on each side at the point where the decreases start.

The right(left?) side folded in.

Both sides folded over.

One-Eyed Raggedy Ann tries on the jumper. Not quite as cute as it would be on a baby, but not bad either! :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jumper for Baby A

The jumper for baby A is nearly finished - I just need to graft together the shoulders (9 stitches each) and block. I'm waiting to add details until I finish the other one - I'm thinking I may duplicate-stitch some flowers, instead of the embroidered ones on the original, but we'll see.

I'll take some photos tomorrow :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Blossom for Twin A

Current WIP: Magknit's Blossom for Twin A
Again for my friend who is having twins: this time for the babies (another one will follow for Twin B)! I'm using Knitpicks's Shine Sport in Violet for this one. It's beautiful to work with; I've only split it twice when I wasn't paying attention; it just slides right through my fingers. It's almost *too* slippy on the needles (I'm using Denises) but that's better than too sticky IMO.

The babies will be born very early and very small and will likely spend months in the hospital NICU before coming home, so I've sized it down ever so slightly - removed 2" overall, as I'm aiming for a 7-9 lb size (hoping the babies can wear it when out of the hospital, but not have to wait TOO long). I'm modifying the pattern because I hate seams, and so far it is going well. I am sure I will discover a reason why there were side seams but for now I don't mind. The other reason I am modifying it is because of the perfectionist in me - the original pattern calls for the backside to be knit from the bottom up, then the front continues on, knit from the top down. This means the stitches would be "upside down" and while nobody would notice it would drive me batty ;) I also feel like it is going a lot quicker and that is good too. I'm partway into my second ball, hoping to keep it to three balls total but I did purchase four - hoping to make booties/hat out of the last one. We'll see.

So, a few photos:

The whole thing laid out: this is 3x as wide as the dress will be, as it overlaps in the front.

Folded as it will be when finished; that's an 8.5x11 sheet of paper for size reference.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Scarf for Isabel

A friend of mine is having twins, and in addition to make twin gifts I am making a few things for the big sister (7 year old girl who loves pink and purple).

First up is a scarf based on Knitpick's Stockpot Scarves pattern. I used a skein and a half of Crayon in Pink and one skein of Butterfly Kisses in Lilac. I cast on 175 sts and knit until I ran out of the Butterfly Kisses. I'm debating putting tassels or fringe on the scarf; I think it might be too much, but I have no idea what else to do with the rest of the Butterfly Kisses. Perhaps some wee washcloths for the babies...

The scarf is longish, and certainly wide enough for use in London in just about any season. The Crayon is soft and nice to work with, not splitty which someone had warned me about. The Butterfly Kisses is nice for an eyelash yarn, with LONG eyelashes. Here's a close-up showing the yarns.